To clean your product, simply wipe a damp cloth gently over the spot of the stain. You will see that it disappears easily.


To keep it looking new over time, use black shoe shiner as if you wanted to clean your shoes. Let it dry and ready! This will give you a new finish that will look like new.




The inner wool can be comb with a brush so that it does not clog. If it does stain, use neutral soap with a wet brush.





All our products include a repair kit: a piece of leather where you found the QR code of this page and 1 mt. of waxed thread for sewing.

If for some reason you need to repair it, paint the leather piece with black shoe polish (or whatever color you prefer) and use it as a patch.


To sew the leather, it is necessary to drill it in advance since otherwise, you will not be able to pass the needle. For this, you can use a nail and a hammer on a hard surface like a cutting board.

Here you can find some videos that can guide you. Soon we will upload our own videos.





If you can’t repair it, contact us and we will repair it for you.







if for some reason you do not need your cover, ask if someone from your family or friends needs it. If not, get in touch with us and we will find a new owner.




Leather is a material that has a very long life! If you no longer need your case or for some reason, you think it doesn't work any longer, contact us and we'll take care of it.


Please be aware that buyer handles shipping costs.

Hi there! If you are here is because you already have you URBAN AUSTRAL!

Here we'll tell you how to keep it like new forever!